Nashua® provides digital consulting and information technology.
Dedication? Helping our clients to thrive in today's increasingly complex digital world.
Identity? A bit different. No hierarchy. Can-do mentality. Great fun. A multidisciplinary
melting pot of creative, business wise and scientific minds. Quality of the highest order.
A practice where daring, intelligent people can and may express their creativity,
never to waste any talent, never to be regarded as a one-trick-pony.
Branded by a name with a heritage in office automation.


Our way of working is based on flexible cooperation of networking professionals
who acknowledge our core values of quality, flexibility, integrity and ownership.
To meet our clients' expectations we maintain a strict quality control protocol in
our staffing and a continuous improvement mechanism in all our operations.
Doing so assures that our professionals are knowledgeable, trustworthy and
pleasant to work with. For hectic situations we have auxiliaries on standby.
So our professionals can be rest assured they will never ever stand alone.
We practice what we preach: Results. Together.®